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Background video no longer working

I am trying to get a background video to appear in the hero section. I had set this up initially without any problem and it can be seen here

However, when I look in the Designer now, the video no longer appears even though nothing (I don’t think) has changed. This is even the case on old backups where it certainly did work. I have no idea why this is. This is the share link

Any help would be great! Thanks

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When you say background video, you mean to those color plates that moving slightly in the background?

If so, and you don’t find out what happen to the video - try to use divs and move them in loop using interactions.

Thanks for the reply. Yes the video is the grey background with the moving, coloured triangles.

The point really is this video was working as can be seen from the published site. It suddenly stopped working without anything being changed. Even backups where it certainly did work no longer show the video. Rather than start again with a new approach I would like to find out why the video no longer appears and get it working once again.


Hi there @sparky, it looks like the background video is placed within the slide, I would place that under the hero section instead, give that background video an absolute position with a full cover and a z-index of 0.

Here here how the parent element to the bg video element is the non visible part of the slider element (not in the mask):

I hope this helps

Thanks very much Dave!