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Video Background Help

Hey! I am struggling to put a video background into my site. Behind the text with the border around the page still there. I will attach an image hopefully that explains it! Any help massively appreciated. Thanks.

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So right now you have everything nested inside of a .section-8 element. Well swap the section for a bg element, following those steps:

Drag a BG Video element just after the body.
Set a video up for it.
Give it the class .section-8.
Put everything that was inside of .section-8 into the new .section-8 element.
Delete the original .section-8 element.
Select the new one, remove the solid color bg.


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Excellent. Thanks! Really appreciate your help. I will try it tonight and let you know how I get on.

Yeah, that the common problem when you are doing animation video all by yourself without relying on the other experts or animation service provider.

I suppose that you have solved the problem, really if you have such kinds of problems I know great guys who are always ready to help. Just write these professionals . Hope that my post will be essential for users )