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Change text (default and waiting) in add to cart button?

Hi there,

I’m trying to change the text inside the add to cart button -my client is based in Mexico so I want to put it in Spanish. But when I get into the properties I just have these options, can’t find the way to change the text.


Hi Eduardo, I know it can be frustrating, and checking your current website I noticed you didn’t find a solution, I don’t work for Webflow but I did a webpage in spanish that requires me changing the Add to cart text.
Thing is, seems to be a bug in webflow interface that doesn’t show you that at the end right side of “default text” and “waiting text” option, should show a pencil to edit the field… IS invisible in your picture just go with the mouse a little bit to the right of that field
(where is the * Default text box inside Add to cart Buttons Settings)
I hope it helps, If not, feel free to ask

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Heroe!! Gracias! I couldn’t find the solution either thank you so much for your help.

It works! Thank you so much Sotax. Yes, it looks like a bug.