Changing text on the "select option"

Hi everyone,

On the “webbshop” page i am trying to change the “select option” text to another language. Any help is deeply appreciated!

Take care

You mean translating the word ‘Select’ to another language?

Thank you for your response! Yes, thats what I am aiming to do

Not sure if that’s possible.
@Waldo - what’s your take?

Great question!

I believe we pushed a micro-update earlier this week to allow for default select field text functionality :smile: :webflow_heart:

Please let me know if this is helpful!

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WOW ! So easy now…
Also allow us to setup currency display (with/without space between amount and currency symbol, place currency symbol before/after amount etc.) And Tax name in checkout, it should also be editable/traslateable (VAT)