How do I edit the grid?

Trying to edit the number of columns in my grid. I can only find how to hide/show the grid. Is it even possible to change the grid in webflow?

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Hi @richardpyra!

In order to edit the column widths/number of columns/etc, click on any column then navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on the top right of the tool. Here you will be able to change the number of columns, and even the individual column widths. Hope this helps!

Or were you referring to the entire site grid system?

I was actually referring to the grid system of the whole site. Doesn’t seem to be a way to change it from the default 12 columns.

Thanks Richard,

Currently we do not allow the site grid system to be changed, but we are looking to add that feature in the future.




Are there any plans to make the grid system more customisable? Our designs rely heavily on non-standard grid systems… so it’s a show stopper for us to use webflow right now.


Agree. This is something we really need! Love what you have done with the recent updates (indicating the various devices as one resizes). Being able to tweak the grid though would really help design teams in corporate settings adopt this as an extremely accurate design/prototyping/usability testing tool that we could eventually hand the resulting code off to engineering teams. Right now the limited grid system prevents me from prototyping to the level of accuracy I need to align with the corporate grid (which seems to be ever-changing, btw). Sigh.

Agree - I started trying webflow this week, but the inability to adjust the grid configuration means I’d be handing off spatially inaccurate prototypes. Specifically, I’d need the ability to adjust 12 columns to 8/4, 4/8, 7/5, or 5/7 and allow 12 columns to persist to the smallest viewport.

Any timing on plans to enhance this feature?

Just figured one thing out - if you drag the column gutter in the custom view, you can reconfigure the numbers. Great feature, thank you.

Now I am wondering if I can reorder the items at different breakpoints if they are in columns?

I am trying to figure out how to adjust column gutters like what you are talking about here. Can you tell me what you mean by “Custom View”?