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Hover div change H1 and H2 font color inside div?

Seems like this should be easy in webflow, but I cant figure it out. When I hover over a div I would like to change the H1 and H2 font colors which are inside the div. Not good enough to use the hover property on the text box because it needs to happen when the entire div box is hovered.

I saw in another thread that the H2 should inherit the default color of the div font then just change the color of the div font on hover.

Can anyone explain how to make the H2 inherit the font color of the div or link block?

Hi @Scott_Johnson Could you please update your post with your read-only link & screenshots so that we can help you faster?

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here ya go. Thanks @Waldo

Hi @Scott_Johnson it looks like you’re using multiple H1 tags on your home page, and remember for SEO, you just want to have one H1 tag on your site.

If you change those headings to H2’s then you can control the hover color of the headings by hovering over the link block. Or you can remove the color styles from the “All H1 Headings” global style.

Thanks so much @Waldo!

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