Change button hove colour


I have a requirement to change to button hove colour to black on my new Webflow website.
I would like to change the “About me” button hover colour to black. I tried in the hover settings but I couldn’t figure out the fill colour option in the settings.


Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I am not sure, but your Webflow-UI seems kind of old to me (At least mine looks quite different). I am not able to Click into your Read-Only-Link, could you share it again? Normally there should be an option to set the background-color. This is how this option looks like in my Webflow project:
Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 07.58.01

That’s strange. When I click into you read-only link my UI looks like this:

As you can see, there is the color picker. When I change the color, the button color is also changed.
Maybe it’s an browser issue? Which Browser are you using?

The dirty solution would be to insert custom code:
.button:hover, .button-primary.w-button:hover, .button-secondary.w-button:hover {
background-color: red;

But I would not recommend this. Basic CSS changes like this should be made with the Webflow Designer. You might try contacting Webflow support and ask why you are seeing an old UI.

I am using the Chrome browser. Are you sure I am using old UI?

That’s definitely an old Webflow UI.

Yes I am not 100% sure if it’s an old UI but it’s definitely not the current one I am (and I think all other) are using / seeing. I would definitely get in contact with the Webflow-Support. That’s seems not normal to me.