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Color Button Issue


I have been working on a minimalist site project and have come across a weird but seemingly simple problem.

I have a button hover animation that has a black box fade in from the left around a word then changes the word text color to pink. On the hover out the box returns and the text color changes back to the original black color.

I have created some buttons that change the entire site’s background color and text color. This creates a problem with the above animation as the hover out reverts back to original colors before the entire site background and text color change.

Is there a way to instead have the hover in animations change the text color to say " color group a" rather than specific colors? Then have a button that changes “color group a” to “color group b”

Or maybe there is another workaround I can’t think of. I already tried a button that loads up a duplicate home page with different colors> Not a huge fan of that work around. Was to clunky.

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Add your read only link to your site please and I will have a look

Hey Tom,

Here is the read only:

I moved the design plan in a simpler direction but if this is possible would love to visit it again.

Build is very clunky as I am experimenting and exploring a lot.

I think read that correctly.

So you have the four buttons that change the colour of the background right. but you want all that text to change color too?

If so I know your work around.

all the text elements give them a class then on your animation select one of the text elements add a change colour option. ensure that the selection for affect is set to class