Change 302 locale redirects to 301 redirects

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that Webflow creates 302 redirects for different locales. I’d like to change a specific one to a 301 redirect.

Specifically, the URL www. sitename .com currently redirects (302) to www. sitename .com/en. I want this to be a 301 redirect instead. How can I make this change? Will Webflow automatically remove their default 302 redirect once I set up a 301 redirect?

Does anyone know a solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance!

I’m guessing you might be talking about localization auto-routing? If you have /en setup as the path for English, it will try to route you there when you request the homepage. These need to be 302’s because they’re language-specific page variants.

You could add a 301 site redirect from /en to / under site settings however in this circumstance I wouldn’t advise it, you’ll likely get an infinite redirect loop.

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Thank you for your response. Can you also tell me what happens to the 302 if I want to do it the other way around, so a 301 redirect for / to /en? Does the 302 from the localization auto-routing still exist afterwards? I’m afraid that this could be the case and that there could be conflicts. As far as I know it is not possible to remove this single 302, right?