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Centering navbar


Anyone know how to center the navbar? I would like to make a navbar with a logo in the center and menu items on each side.


the navbar widget should center itself by default. Can we see your project’s public link to help you out better?


Just testing Webflow, I don´t have, by now ,any open project. You are right, the navbar is centered but the menu items are by default on the right. I can change the float to the left but no option to the center.

I have seen some menus with the logo in center of menu with items on each side. It´s a nice effect.

Ah. I see what you mean.

You’ll have to custom make it yourself using a section, container, then columns.


another example:

Thanks for the links PixelGeek. This is the idea and the Jessica web page is what I´m looking for but I think is different from yours. If you resize the browser in Jessica page you get the menu bottom like in the navbar widget

For tablet/phone breakpoints, she uses the regular navbar widget, but hides that for large tablet/desktop breakpoints.

You don’t have to do it that way. You can just use the “spaceship” example all the way down to the phone size.

Ok, I think I get it.
Many thanks for your help