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Centering my brand logo in nav bar

I am looking to centre my logo in the nav bar, with 2 links to the laft and 3 to the right. How do i go about doing this please?

Many thanks

preview link:

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I would create 3 divs with % widths.

[ 45% width ] [10%] [ 45% width ]
[ 2 buttons ] [ logo ] [ 3 buttons ]

Hi @Cricitem. Thanks for the response. The only issue i, it says i cant put div blocks inside of the nav bar??

Don’t use the nav bar element. Just use a div or section and nest these inside.

so remove my nav bar completely and start again? I thought you needed to have a nav bar on the page?

You are not required to have your nav bar be any specific element from within Webflow. That is (I believe) only there as a shortcut for creating a navbar if the one Webflow provides does exactly what you need.

From what I’ve seen, the navbar element within Webflow just writes divs to the code anyway; it doesn’t use the HTML5 nav or section elements (which bothers me, to be honest).

You won’t need to remove the navbar for this to work.

Drag your logo into the nav menu class, set in between your nav links. Set your nav menu to center align in display settings and take off “float”. Also center align in the typography section. That should center everything.

You may need to remove float on the logo as well after giving it a class.

@SPI Hi. Everything is centred but the logo isnt centred as it is not the central object in the order. I need the logo to be central to the page. I understand there will then be 2 links on the left and 3 on the right, but this is what i need. can you help?

He definitely does need to remove the navbar because he needs to force the center on his logo. It won’t center “naturally” because it isn’t actually the center of the content.

After taking a look at the site I can agree with you @Cricitem

@williamsbrad1994 Never came across a particular issue like this so I won’t be much help. I usually center a logo around an equal amount of nav links and widths to keep everything even.

Good luck! :+1:

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