Center Extra Grid Items

I would like to center a series of items in a grid.

This looks great when there are 4-5 of them there, but when there’s 6, it overflows to the next one and keeps it left aligned.

Ideally, the extra would be either centered or it would smartly move 2-3 more down to the second row.

Is there a way to do this dynamically while not having to set individual breakpoints on each screen size?

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Change the position from “Auto” to “Manual” on the cell you want to have control of.

Will I need to update this if/when I add more items to the collection?

The default positioning for the grid is automatic, which is similar to static. Meaning that it follows the natural document flow. From top left to bottom right. You can change that behavior by changing from automatic to manual to the cells of your choice. There’s a lot of flexibility.

For the most part, you should be able to add items to your collection and it will follow the grid settings, so you may need to readjust and you may not need to.

Someone with more expertise might be able to parachute in as I have not built a site using collections the way you are. I’m just trying to give you food for thought in hopes help you grasp how “Grid 2.0” works. It’s really great.