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Center uneven row in grid?

Hey all.
I was wondering if there’s a way to center an uneven row inside a grid.
Imagine I have 7 items inside a 4 columns grid (auto-fit). The first row has 4 items, while the second one has 3. This second row, with 3, is always left aligned, and I can’t find the way to make it centered (without stretching the items).

Does anyone have any clue how to achieve this?

Thank you

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Hello :wave:

Read only links with what you currently have setup, or images screenshots and clear descriptions can help you get a speedier repsonse :slight_smile:

FWIW, if you’re doing this statically and you need them placed like that, then use 8 columns instead of 4, and manual placement of the items in the second row.

If you’re using dynamic content, then Flexbox is your friend.