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Cart wrapper hidden in the nav bar?

Hi there, so Iā€™m have designed the cart button for my clients ecomm website and when I open up the cart button the wrapper is hidden. It has been hard to position the cart button because Webflow does not allow me to position it differently. Are there any work arounds?

:point_up_2: what iā€™m aiming for

:point_down: what I have been getting.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @Christopher_Nelson
one of my teammate is expert & is having 5+ years of exp. can assist you
Ping me at Skype: austin_3383

Ok, so, I found the solution. If you make your Header Nav a symbol to re-use through out your site you will have issues putting your cart button in the Header. So what I did was unlink my nav as a symbol and now it works perfectly.

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