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Cart z-index cart changing on scroll

When I click on my cart the z-index is fine. However, since I have a hide navbar effect, if I scroll my screen to the HERO and come back to the middle of the site, making the navbar to hide and show again the z-index of the cart changes.

See pictures:

Hi @Othon_Guilherme_Bera
For some reason i can’t even open the cart menu here.
Maybe it’s because Ecommerce is still beta and doesn’t work properly on read only links.

However :
Is it a wf navbar component ?
Might be worth using a simple div for your navbar.
It’s likely there is conflicts between both.
Sorry i can’t help more :frowning:
Hope this helps

As @zbrah mentioned I cannot see ecom on the share link.

And your main site has a page password on it.

Not sure what we can do with this limitation.

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Hi. Thanks for your help. I stoped that Project for a while and removed the ecommerce. If a return with it in the future I will let you guys know. Thank you again.

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