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Is there a way to limit the number of items per purchase in a cart? Not the quantity of an item, but if for example I want to make sure that users purchase a single product every time, can I do that somehow? Thanks!

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Hi @Uri,

Yes you can use conditional visibility on the checkout button based on the number of items in your cart.

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Hi @QA_Brandon, thanks for the suggestion. But wouldn’t that just limit what the user sees as opposed to what they actually purchase? Also, follow up question, is there a way to create a “billing agreement” with PayPal? If it’s a subscription for example?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Uri,

As far as the billing agreement, through PayPal. DO you mean that as you offering a subscription through our e-com (which is not available at the moment) or your actual agreement with PayPal itself?

As for the limit: You could look at it both ways. One it could limit the customer to a certain number that is needed to buy. As for the limit that can be bought, you would have to add in some custom code for that option.

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Hi @QA_Brandon, great, thanks for the update! I ended up solving it another way…

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Hi Uri

Can you please share your way ?

Hi Uri, would you be able to share how you managed this?

Hi Brandon,
I’m trying to do almost the same, how can I limit the quantity of the product that the customer can buy? I’m looking to limit a max quantity


Any update on how to accomplish this?