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Cart Addition Question

Is the expected behavior of adding a cart that it must be placed on each page not site wide and that the cart type can vary per page?


Hi @jdesign i have placed my Cart in the menu/navbar then the Navbar is a Symbol used on all my pages. I have also tried to have more then one Cart and it seems to work also.


Thanks for the response! I tried both those routes as well and they seemed to work. I wonder if there is a recommended approach.

@jdesign for me it’s logical to have it in the Navbar. Always there and the customer can access the cart from any page. Most Ecom do like that

Agree 100%. I could see a use case for not having it on a page or two though. I think I’ll probably run with the navbar and cart as two individual symbols – depending on site layout.

That way I can add either as needed and when working with the structure of the navbar for more custom layouts won’t have the cart intermingled in the element tree.

Hey @jdesign and @JanneWassberg

You can have multiple cart designs, even on the same page. Not sure that’s wise but hey it works.
I did want to mention that I’ve noticed there’s an alert on the Checkout page to block adding a cart element there. However when I added my nav symbol with a cart it worked on the page, but any changes to the cart did not update the order info below in the checkout form.

Just good thing to know. Might need to have a nav symbol without the cart as well for the Checkout and Order Confirmation pages, or like you said to have different symbols for the nav and cart in order to add them individually to pages as needed.