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Can't add Carts in Navigation..? 😲

Just wondering why carts can’t be part of Navigation?


Are you sure you put the entire cart into the nav and not just a section of it?
I managed to do it without any problem, see screenshot.


happy trails


We’re working on a fix for this, but for right now you can’t put the Cart widget in the nav-menu only – because it doesn’t work correctly in the ‘mobile / expandable’ nav menu right now.

You can place it anywhere else within the navbar however, as @Marcel_Deelen pointed out.


Is that because you have your cart in a symbol? Also, it’s nested in a container. What if the Navigation is really simple and doesn’t include a container or symbol? I think that’s where I was having trouble.

Thanks. So what’s your recommendation for how to display your cart on mobile? Is that possible?

I’ve got my cart inside mobile navbar

Nav Structure looks like this…
:house: NavBar
'> Hamburger
'> Cart
'> Nav Menu

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@kkilat Has this been fixed yet?

I Always have my cart in the navbar ( fron day 1) and it was never a problem