Carousel Gallery

Hi everyone,

I was wondering is there a way to create a similar carousel gallery in Webflow? So that the next and previous images are visible, and the hight of the gallery is always the same (thus fitting both vertical & horizontal photographs)?

Something similar:

Thank you for any tips!

Nelson from Pixel Geek just did a video about dynamic sliders in Webflow.
Maybe this helps?

Swiper is a great choice IMHO since it is actively maintained and open source. Slick is rather stale (2 + years stale). Another choice I would recommend is tinyslider (a replacement for Owl Carosel.

swiperjs - how to post in forums… .

Flickity is a good choice (commercial license required for commercial projects). Here is a Flickity Slider Demo (CMS Items) read-only project that demonstrates how to use. It is really easy to set up. Took me less time to build than write this post.

Here is a Webflow Flickity Slider CMS Demo to see how it looks.

Flickity · Touch, responsive, flickable carousels (