Header photo carousel?

Hi, I cant figure it out at all and i feel like it should be pretty simple, how do I get the first section (which has the navigation overlayed) have an automatic photo carousel that will cycle through a gallery of full width images nicely?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Heyer & Associates Website

Set up your HTML structure. You might want to use a container for the carousel and another container for the navigation overlay. Inside the carousel container, add a series of div elements for each image.

It looks like you’re trying to create a photo carousel with automatic cycling in the first section of your website, overlaid with navigation. To achieve this in Webflow, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Collection: Start by creating a collection in Webflow where you can upload and manage the images you want to use in the carousel.
  2. Add a Collection List: Drag a Collection List element onto your page where you want the carousel to be. This will allow you to pull in the images from your collection.
  3. Design the Collection List: Style the Collection List element to be full-width and set its height to match the dimensions you want for your images.
  4. Add a Slider inside the Collection List: Within the Collection List, drag in a Slider element. This will allow you to cycle through the images.
  5. Link the Collection to the Slider: Connect the collection to the slider. For each slide in the slider, you’ll want to link it to the corresponding image in your collection.
  6. Overlay Navigation: Add a navigation element (like buttons or arrows) on top of the slider. You can use absolute positioning to overlay it on the slider.
  7. Add Interactions (Optional): If you want to add animations or interactions to your carousel, you can use Webflow’s built-in interaction tools.
  8. Set Auto Play for Slider: In the slider settings, you should find an option to enable auto play. This will make the slider automatically cycle through the images.
  9. Preview and Test: Preview your site to see if the carousel is working as expected. Test it to make sure it cycles through the images automatically. It worked for me at Capcut Mod APk.