Card 2.0, columns and collection lists


I am currently designing a site using the Cards 2.0 template, I am looking to apply a collection list to the templates that use columns, some our different layouts and currently the only way I can see to apply a collection list is to do it for each columns and not across both within the wrap.

Would anyone be able to help below is a link to the type of layouts I am trying to do this with.

Thanks Chris

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You didn’t share the link! Please do so for help.

Sorry, here is a link to the type of content I am having issues with

Both the first item on the page.

The columns have different layouts for the images, an example Is column 1 has two different layouts for the images and column 2 has a different layout for the image. I want to include all these in 1 collection list.

I am currently experimenting with just using another collection list element and using the same collection list but think I will run into trouble when the client updates the items in the collections.

Hope this makes sense.