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Is this design achievable within a single collections list in Webflow?

Hi Guys

I wanted to know if this design was possible within a collections list element in Webflow! I think I could hack it about by using multiple collection lists within a grid… I think, but I wondered if it could be achieved within one list using conditions? To show a different card depending on the type of content it’s pulling through using article tags Please see attached visual! Your help would be much appreciated

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Does this Webflow University video help?

Cheers for the reply but it’s having different design cards for within the same collection, the report is different from the article, and maybe having a card that stretches two columns instead of just one etc! Because when you create your card, it takes all the styling from the parent first card.

You could put all the designs for cards you need on one collection page and then hide/show them conditionally depending on a value that is stored in each CMS item.


I think I know what you mean, I will give that a try, thanks

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Hi, this did work, the only thing I couldn’t do was span the two columns (grid)! I think might be one step to far! but it’s swapping cards based on conditions just fine. cheers

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