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Car Dealership Website

I might be designing a website for a car dealership but I feel I might be a bit limited on Webflow.

Is there a way to select fields to search such as [ Make ] [ Model ] >> SEARCH (like or is this not possible on Webflow? I was thinking of simplifying it to just a regular search bar for keywords, makes, models, years, etc. but I feel this might be a bit too basic.


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I concur. I used to handle a bunch of dealer network business for the big three and I think the number of workarounds and limitations might really get in the way. You can achieve some of the search functionality with third party engines like Algolia, Search360 and others. However the lack of conditional formatting on static pages is a pain in the you know what, and on CMS templates it is rather limiting sometimes. I have been looking at doing this to scale, but it’s just not there for me yet.

The Mixitup plugin ( has really helped alot of people solve seemingly unsolvable display issues with collections. That would be a good one to look at.

That said, you may be able to meet your requirements. There is a lot of information in the forums on various approaches that help remove lots of friction. You can always follow the model of some of the larger teams using WF. Design then push to the dev teams. That has been working for me.

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Interesting topic about cars!

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Yes it is an interesting subject,

I want to build a car dealership site in webflow but i cant find any good way of adding the whole library of cars.