Car dealership with CMS?

Well, my issue is making a car dealership website. I want to achieve it to be the same functionality as like or, without the search fields, Im going to just make them clickable to other pages. It’s only for private dealers, so it’s sort of like a craiglist for cars, but with functions like actually finding a car from a trader site. I had a way that would work, but I figured out soon enough that it didn’t because I can only have 5 references to a collection. So, I’m here to figure out if there is either someone else who has an idea or references or if its even possible. I cannot do it through CMS. Unless Webflow has an update to upgrade more than 5 references.

It is in process of being made so the design is not even half as good as it will be. Im just trying to get the content on the page then I will worry about that later.

What do you guys think I should do for this then?

Not done at all for design

Have you considered how you intend to interact with this data? If your only goal is to simply display car listings and have them sorted/filtered by location, you would only need 2-3 reference fields.

Can you describe the design or how the content will be structured? (you may need to get the general layout of the site/app before understanding exactly how your content will be architected)

Also, this course may be helpful:

I am guessing you probably have too many categories and such. Before you start maa list with pencil and paper of what your main product goal is and what relates to it. You probably can combine some things under main categories. Obviously without seeing your list I have no idea but I am thinking you want to make everything its own category. Year, Make, Model, Condition and price should cover the (non)search array, moving people along. At some point the information needed will need a form with things like a dropdown for year… anyhow good luck as I hate when a great idea becomes an iteration nightmare. The first group can have 5, the second five and so on like a drop down

I don’t think its possible with CMS. Cause in order to make the items to current pages you need a reference. I cant make an option field do that for the templates.

I could maybe make a whole bunch of regular pages, but i have a lot of content and that would be just too long… Please allow more references. :smile:

I believe you have the same question as @carlosxcl