Can't use Spline embed as background

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to do something simple (or so I thought) but having a hard time. I want to replicate this website effect:
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The thing is that if I change the Spline object to have position:absolute and place it below the text, the hover effect doesn’t work as you can see here (read-only): Webflow - Sintonico

It only works if there’s nothing above, without any position:absolute`. Any thoughts?

Hey @rodrigo_leles, the reason it doesn’t work is because if you have something on top of your Spline element you are not really hovering the Spline. So to make it work just give whatever is on top of your Spline a pointer events of none. Something like this:

.yourclass {
pointer-events: none:

I hope this helps.

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Thanks @Pablo_Cortes it totally worked! :star_struck: