I am unable to make Spline interactive design work as a Herp header section background on mouse hover

Hey everyone, hoping you all are well.
I am making my portfolio website in Webflow. I want to put a ‘mouse hover interactive spline design’ behind the text in the Header section. But when I put the spline interactive file behind the text it doesn’t interact on mouse hover and stays there as a static image but it is working properly when at the top of text elements.
Please tell me how could I make this work properly

Here is my Spline file: Spline - Studio3D Template Hero - Copy - Copy

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Hero section

Here is the structure of the Hero section (taken from Relume library):

Please let me know how can I fix this.
Thank you

Hi, did you get any solution for that?

Hi @Amandeep_Singh

This was also a problem I ran into. Your read-only link didn’t work for me but I’ll explain my workaround.

What you can do is leave the spline scene behind your text, but on your text wrapper you will have to change your cursor events to “none”. (Under Effects > Events). This will visually keep your text in the foreground but allow mouse events to pass through to your spline scene.

Of course it may require some reformatting if you have navigation or other interactive elements in the same wrapper.