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Can't see anything on my video page, only the videos themselves


I don’t know what I did wrong, but my text and navbar dissapeared from the videos page.

And my shared link is:


Hi @Aimanisms :slight_smile:

I noticed that your styles have a opacity:0 on those elements. Remove that opacity setting in the interaction.

It’s not that simple @pixelgeek The reason of that opacity is that there is an effect on those elements. I just copy pasted this div block and it works on other pages. So why doesn’t it work here?

Cause my navbar is also not there, and there is nothing different about the opacity. Is this a bug in the template or something?

@vincent maybe? anyone have an idea?

I see the navbar, no?

Yeah, that is because I fixed it myself @vincent. There was a bug in the page, SO I threw it out and duplicated another page on the site that did work, and redid everything. Now it works.

I guess we will never know what the bug was.

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