Can't remove CMS field

Hi guys,

I am having an issue with the CMS that I am sure is easily resolved. I’ve seen a few other similar posts on the forums but none seem to clear up the issue I am having.

I created a rich text field to test how it would work, but as it is no longer being used I am wanting to remove it. I keep running into the issue that says it’s still being used… It’s not?

I just removed every collection item I had created in order to have this removed. But it’s still not working. Can anyone suggest an easy way for me to remove fields that are not being used or are not binded to any content. I would like to keep the styling I have created for posts / pages.


Here is my public share link:

Seems like a glitch In the paswt i have closed the project and then reloaded it and then deleted things from the CMS. But if it’s not bound you should be able to remove it easily in the settings for the collection.