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Can't open editor from dashboard or within project

Hi, I’ve just watched that really helpful video on the CMS editor in the new webflow university and i noticed that the designer could access the editor from the project however if i try to do the same thing it comes up with the login panel and if I try to login it tells me that I need to do this from the dashboard?

is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Tried this on my site, can access Editor without issues.

Hi Sam,
That button takes me to the designer window not the editor.

What I am trying to do is visit the site through the editor, as if I was a client, so that I can get a better perspective of where they are having difficulties.

@johnminshall Log-out. Clear cookies. Log-In. Click Editor from the settings of your site in the Webflow Dashboard. Let me know if that helps! Also, perhaps try accessing the designer by clicking “designer”, then clicking the hamburger menu at the top left and navigating to the “Editor” from there. It should work fine either way, as it does for me :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,
Thanks, I tried your solution but unfortunately the same result. I get as far as the login panel for admin and when I try to login as myself a pop up appears saying that I need to use the link in the webflow designer (which is the link I used)

So as the designer, do I have access to the editor? or do I have to create another user?


For some reason this is now working? Must have been a blip in the matrix.

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