Can't link my new webflow site with my old website


I own two differents domains one with .fr i recently bought
and i have a wix website with .com
I created a website with webflow and succeded easily to connect my two domains with webflow but for some reasons it says the .COM is published but when i clicked on it it is still redirected to my wix page. Whereas the staging URL is well connected.
Any tips to link correctly my old Website wit my new webflow site.

cheers in advance

How long ago did you launch the new site? I only ask because It can take hours/days before everything changes over. I have this same scenario when pointing a domain to a new server.

It seems to be responsing fine with the Webflow site.
As @Port_of_Folio says, it could be that the DNS hadn’t propagated yet, or it might be that your browser just had the Wix site or redirects cached.