Can't get this to stop happening in CMS panel

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Please see video. (I cropped the video clip in to show a plain text field in the CMS editor; also edited the speed).

I can’t figure out how to stop this from happening to the text and rich text isn’t an option for the design layout and deadline. I tried making new a new field and it is like the newer one’s are even worse. And FWIW replacing all the fields with only one spare field able to fit on the form, and then reconnecting literally hundreds of element on the Design side is not an option for the deadline either.

Wdyt? Kind of essential for legibility.

What hard to get a GIF under the 4MB limit, so apologies for the size, think you can still tell what is happening.


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I know it’s not what you want to hear, but when you’re wanting like breaks and paragraphs in your content, the right tool is the rich text field.

You can layout the contact exactly how you want. Trying to continue down this path of trying to store pre-formatted text in the CMS just won’t get you the joy you’re after.

Basically that leaves you two choices;

  • Go back to the client and explain the change needed to give them the formatting they want, or
  • Grind for a couple of hours, and eat that cost

We’ve all been there at some point with design dead-ends.
Consider it a valuable lesson.

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hi @seanivore is the field set to multiline for long text? Another thing I have faced was that text copied from any text editor like “Word” carries some styling pieces of information. The best way is to convert text to plain text.


Haha, I’m literally designing a workaround that will end up having more value right now :slight_smile:

Not that I don’t want to eventually know what I’m doing that the same field holds half of the line breaks and not the other half. Especially because there are Webflow articles made by them teaching how to use breaking settings in Designer on plain text fields. Meaning it is clearly some kind of bug in the CMS panel which is probably why my support tickets are MIA lol – I’m glad to laugh about it now that I’ve come up with a solution, but also I’m paying for a product that has a bug so ya know eventually I’d like for it not to have one. Even if it meant all of them were consistent and never held line breaks. Because it is that inconsistency that has wasted actual days of labor hours that cost more than multiple years of the product. And the fact that it they were all working normally for months!! Nothing I’m doing changed.

It is just very much that kind of issue that will determine where I build future client sites.

And I am so wordy that it takes me a while to realize how to say something concise — I felt maybe if I posted it in this simple format it would make sure I’m being understood.

I really do appreciate the replies and this most recent one especially :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is multiline. They all worked fine and held line breaks for months so I’m not sure what changed. I tried copy/paste from various places that I thought might hold formatting. And then I used TextEdit to make just plain text with the line breaks even, and when I paste it into half of the plain text CMS panel fields, the breaks are removed; paste in the other half of the plain text CMS panel fields, and the breaks hold. There are even a couple fields that hold half of the line breaks but not the other half. 'Tis wild.

hi @seanivore can you post read-only link to project?