Can't find bullet points / unordered list in Rich Text field

I pasted some copy from a client into a rich-text block.
I notice that bullet points are regular text, with a bullet glyph, a space and then the text.
So I tried to convert it to an unordered list.
But the contextual menu does not offer lists, just H1-6, links, b/i and quote:

I converted the text into bullets in textedit, pasted it back, now it’s formatted as an unordered list.

Will I have to do that with all text on the site, or am I missing something?

You need to press enter to make some space, then a wee plus button will appear on the left side that lets you input images, video, ordered and unordered lists etc

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I knew it’d be something super easy like that, so double thanks for the reply :smiley: