Can't figure out how to get interactions to work

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the seemingly very elementary question but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why my element is not moving when I try to apply an interaction to it.

For instance, I’m trying to apply a page trigger so that when the page loads, the logo moves from left to right. Very basic, I know. The logo is not moving whateoever.

Am I missing something? See site below and see screenshots.

See site here


Do you mean you want the logo to show/appear from off the left side of screen - after load?

Thanks for the reply. Hard to explain I guess. When the page loads I want it to move from the left to the current position it is now. If that makes sense?

Okay sure… so off the edge of the blue background… or just slightly left. Basically, a subtle micro-interaction?

Post your read-only link here and I’ll look for ya.

Ahh can’t thank you enough for looking.

See here

Okay, I’m sending you a video that you can follow to fix it :grin: - one sec…

  1. It needed to remove the Perspective on the parent Div of the logo.
  2. I think you project has a bug maybe, you can’t use the “%” with this… and when dragging the slider it defaults to % and it should be pixel. It may not, I’ve just never seen it do this.

Here ya go :grin:

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Thank you so much - you made my day!!

Not a problem. Have fun, see ya :+1: