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Scroll trigger on logo not working

What I’m hoping to accomplish, is to have the top horizontal logo only appear once you’ve scrolled down past the first hero section. I have a large logo in that section, and once it’s out of view, then I’d like to trigger the smaller logo to appear.

any suggestions, I thought I figured it out but the interaction isn’t working.

On your scrolllogo interaction the initial appearance should be 0% opacity, move up 100px, then below on the triggers add Scroll, then move to origin and opacity 100%, I took screenshots but no idea if they indicate what Im saying well and I can not test run it but it should work.

Well I tried that - I was assuming this would involve having some sort of trigger in the next section or something?

What do I have to do so you can test this out, and see what I’m doing wrong? I’d like to do this with a few other sites as well, so once we get this figured out it’ll be awesome :smile:

thanks in advance!

I actually have no idea how to do this, can someone help? how to allow changes to be run in test mode?

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