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Can't enter numbers in the range (-1.0, 0) in the data manager

I set up a number field in Webflow CMS of type decimal with highest precision.
You won’t be able to store a negative number between -0.0000009 and -0.9999999. “Not a supported number” shows up.
Even defining min and max values in the field defintions, e.g. -1000 and 1000, doesn’t help.
No problem with numbers <= -1.00000000.

Unfortunately I have to store a map longitude of -0.143979. Any idea?



Do you need to store maps coordinates in order to inject them in a Custom Code box in a page template or dynamic list?

It should work with a text field then… doesn’t it?

Yes, nice idea. That should be a workaround.
However, from a database normalization point of view, this is not ideal. On the other side: who cares, it’s just a CMS… :wink:


For now it’s ok because you can’t enter data on the CMS on mobile. But when you can, the mobile keyboard is supposed to be slightly different when entering data in a digits field. With digits on by default and some symbols easily reachable.

Now there’s a bigger possibility of users entering non valid data, and for the POI to be misplaced on the map. You can add a warning to double check if the map works, in the help label of the fields.

Unfortunately there is no way to change a field type after a field has been created. Means to re-enter everything.
Since going public for our new site will still take some time, I’ll wait if this bug will be corrected by Webflow in time for me.


Hi @NorbertWeiss, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re working on a bug fix right now - will report here with updates as soon as I know more.

Hi @NorbertWeiss this issue has been fixed - can you please test and confirm on your end? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @thewonglv.
I entered -0.164778 and saved it. Works.

That was one of the fastest bug fixing I’ve ever experienced. Thanks!

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Woohoo! Glad it’s working now. Thanks @Adrian for the speedy resolution! :metal:

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