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We upgraded number fields in Webflow CMS

Now you have more control over the way you enter and display numbers in the Designer and the CMS. Take a look:

This lets you restrict the numbers people can enter in the CMS so they make sense for your site: for example, you could have a “rating” that’s a positive number from 0 to 5 with a precision of one decimal, or a “quantity” that’s a positive integer greater than 1. This helps eliminate mistakes and prevent confusion when entering data, for you and your clients.

Plus, you also have formatting control in the Designer, so you can display your numbers in a way that makes sense for your design:


Thanks for the new feature! It will be useful for review scores, currency.


Does it also work if I want to set a price of a a CMS item at €100.000, and still rank them in a list by price?


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