Can't edit this text link

Hello !

I’m having a problem designing my e-commerce site. There are some link texts that I can’t edit. I’ve attached a screenshot of the redirect link I’d like to translate, but I can’t double-click on it to edit it, nor can I enter it, it doesn’t work. I can edit all the other links I’ve created myself, but not this one, which was automatically created with the page.

I’ve already tried to replace it, but I can’t delete it.

Have I forgotten something?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Thank you by advance.

Hi Audrey, so that text is hard coded for that page itself and cannot be changed in the designer at all which is a bit odd I guess. You can probably change that with some custom code I can look into this for you if you really need to change that text.

Hi @AKARA! It’s really weird that it’s not editable. Dunno why so but here kinda of quick (and dirty) solution for it that I tried. I add a text block inside the link and set the link font color to transparent, and then adjusted the color and text of the text block as I wish and here is how it looks:

There is probably a smarter way to fix the problem itself, but if you don’t want to dwell much on it, you can use this hack :smiley: