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Can't edit my nav?

So finally getting back to this project after my move back home from the UK and Holiday interruption.

I needed to add another link in the menu. No problems, I’ll just go and add a link…oh wait…why can’t I see the menu to edit?? I can do so on the navigator(limited) but can’t change the name of the link, only copy/change where the link goes to.

I have an interaction on the Nav to only display it when the Hero section is scrolled out of view but this is obviously causing some issues when I go to edit it now. I have tried removing the interaction from the section but the nav menu still stays hidden.

So, how best to approach this?

Here is my public share link:
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Hello @DragonDon,

Accidentally or for purpose, you enabled option “display: none” not only to class Navbar, but to tag (element)

When you turn it off and make class settings display: block you will see your navbar :smile:


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Thanks Anna.

I believe I was following some previous instructions but may be used that setting by mistake.

Seems to be working better now :smile:

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