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Can't create/edit links in Editor?


I am just recently getting onboard with Editor for a client who is trying to make updates to their site themselves. When I login to the Editor I am unable to highlight text and create a link out of it. I highlight the text and see the little hover that mentions B, I, link icon. I am able to make text bold or italic, but clicking on the link button does nothing.
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On things that are currently linked the link icon is active but clicking on it also does nothing.

Overall what I need is for my client to:

  1. add text
  2. upload a document
  3. make that text a link to that document
  4. add two classes to that text to style it to look right

Is this even all possible in the Editor?


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I am having the exact same issue with my client today. Seemed to work fine yesterday and today he can’t make a link. Bold still works, so does italic just the links wont work.

Contact support directly for this. Have them look at your project.

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