Can't create a nested Products collection in Categories


I can’t create a nested Product collection in Categories on a static page. I just want a page with all products grouped by collections. When I add a collection list to a product Categories collection list, Webflow doesn’t allow me to connect the Products source. I get “Please add a multi-reference or muli
image field to the Categories Collection to add a source.”

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, nested collection lists only work with multi-reference fields. The problem you’re facing isn’t related to Product, it’s related to how Products and Categories are related.

You basically have these options.

  • Skip nesting, and instead list your products on the Category page.
  • Skip nesting, list products, with category as an attribute. You can sort them by attribute, but not “group” them.
  • Skip nesting, and have a separate collection list for each Category. Filter the products so that only the ones in that category show.
  • Emit your products and collections together, and then use script to restructure them in a grouped fashion.
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