Category is showing all the products

Hi Have a very significant issue which seems like a bug.

In my E-commerce collections, I have the built-in ‘Products’ and ‘Categories’. In my Categories, I specified specific products.

For some reason under my category page where it should list the selected products under this category, it just shows all the products while it should show only the products under this specific category. I don’t understand why, it might be a bug.

So, it shows all 7 products on all of my categories pages but it should display only the products under its category. I don’t understand why this is happening .

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

There’s a difference between binding your list to Products collection, and binding it to the Product multiref field of the Category collection. I’d expect that you should see both options when you bind a collection list on the page-

However if I drop a list on your page, I’m not seeing that option, though you’re seeing other multi-ref fields ok. That could either a readonly view bug or something larger. Few of my clients use Webflow E-com so I can’t say whether this is “normal”.

Definitely not what I’d expect- I’d message support.


Thank you very much for the clarification that makes perfect sense.
As you have seen I do not have the products multi-reference option to select so I will contact the support. But at least now I know why it showing all the products :slight_smile:

Hi still don’t know how to divide products to categories. I got answer from webflow but I still don’t understand. Can someone try to explain what is the proper way to do it please?

Webflow reply:
I believe what you’re trying to accomplish using multi reference field is done using Webflow University | Filter Collection List
in where you’re showing the “Products” of a certain Category. When you add the filter you’ll then be able to select the Multi-reference field you’ve created.

You are not able to bind the multi-reference “Products” on your Categories page, you are only able to do so using the Multi-references Custom fields as you can see when you add a new collection.

Take a peek at this article in the Webflow university on how to manage products and categories, it shows how to setup the categories for products, you can only have one level of categories at the moment for products using Webflow Ecommerce.

The multi-reference field that links categories and products is unique in that the field in the categories Collection is automatically populated by products that belong to that category since you’ve inputted that while creating your product item.

Can someone elaborate please

I may be misunderstanding what you’re trying to achieve but have you tried setting a Filter on the Collection List of Categories contains Current Category?