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Can't copy from the CSS preview window

The title says it all… is it just me…?

BR Christoffer

Hello @Christoffer, which CSS window ?
What is it you’d like to copy ?

Hi Antony

This one:

When I select and copy the css… nothing gets copied. I can copy from all other areas of the designer.

Didn’t know about that feature ! Thanks !
Indeed you’re right, it seems I can’t copy/paste the CSS neither.

@Christoffer- As you have discovered, copy is not a current feature of CSS Preview. It should be and It should take Webflow little effort to make it so.


Hi, you can drag the text directly over the notepad. Also you can select all, right clic, press print, and copy the text from there.

It’s a work in progress, it’s been a little tricky to do inside the designer due to the way copy and pasting works with elements.

It’s definitely a useful enhancement and most of it has been written, so some more testing and hopefully it can get added.:crossed_fingers:

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