Can't copy and paste from Code Preview easily

Hi, we cant copy code from the Code Preview box. So far I’ve been selecting + search in Google and copy from there, but that’s not ideal.

Also, could you add the dot in front of the class names?

Code Preview is useful to copy code of styles you did in Webflow, to re-use inside of the custom code box.


Great question :thinking:

I’ve asked the question internally. Will post post back once I hear something :slight_smile:

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I noticed this too. Now, I just publish and inspect to access the code. It works quite well.

Hey @vincent,

It’s not supposed to be available right now, but it will be available soon.
Will keep you updated on this, I agree it would be a really useful feature :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday @DuncanHamra :wave: :cake: :tada:


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