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Copy css content from export pop-up

We are using webflow to create the HTML code, not publishing the website. When making changes it’s easy for us to copy the css code and paste the changes in our own project.

Since a week or two copying the CSS code from the export pop-up is not working if i copy the code for a second time.

  • Open the export screen in the CSS tab
  • With mouse drag i select the complete code
  • Right-mouse click -> copy (ctrl-c cmd-c never worked)

The first time i can copy the content and paste it into another document. If i open the screen for the second time. The copy command doesn’t work anymore. I need to reload the editor and copy the css again, in this case the copy does work.

I’m using Mac Sierra. Problem occurs in chrome & safari has the same behaviour.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @BlauwBerry

Thanks so much for posting about this. That’s definitely a quick way to get updated CSS!

At this time, though, it is not expected behavior to copy code directly from the export modal itself.

Rather, It is recommended that you export the code and copy/paste the CSS directly from the CSS file.

Hope this helps!

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