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Align bullet points in rich text block with three columns

Hello! I have been struggling to get this bulleted list to align on one of my CMS page templates. There’s a div block with a black background and then within that is a rich text block. The rich text block pulls its content from my CMS collection for portfolio projects. When I create a bulleted list in the CMS area it shows up in the page template but as you can see from the screenshot, the first bullet point in the first column is lower than the other two columns. When I do text without the bulleted list, they all correctly align at the top. Any ideas on what’s going on here? Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Buckingham Partners

Hi @suzukisaint you have on <ul> set margin-top: 20px I have didn’t check if you have it done in your custom CSS, set in your style Guide or it is done by WF.

Just set it to 0

Thank you so much! Worked for me.

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