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Video link fields throwing errors

Hi All,
None of our Webflow CMS sites will currently accept a video link - either in the dedicated field or in rich text. Throws the ‘invalid url’ message. I’ve tested multiple sites and many url variations trying to resolve the issue for a client. Could Embedly be at fault?
Update: It’s only YouTube, not Vimeo

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Fathom,

Thanks for reporting this. We’re seeing the same thing on our side with YouTube videos affected and are looking into it.

It appears it’s an embedly issue:

You can see embedly is returning an error for any youtube links

You can use custom code embeds in rich text, even in the CMS in rich text fields now as a workaround to embed youtube videos

but it’s not quite the same as our embedly integration where we wrap the embedded iframe in a figure->div->iframe structure which special css classes the make it resize and maintain aspect ratio at different breakpoints.

Hoping to have a solution, or at least an update this week

Thanks for the update. We’ll knock up the custom code work-around as a solution for the client in the interim.

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