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Can't add any content, but keyboard changes the Right Panel?

Hi there,

So I’m working in Chrome on a Macbook Pro. I was about to work on a blank canvas with some section/containers, but something weird is going on.

Whenever I double click to type some content in the body, or the section, or a container… nothing shows up. However, as I type, the right panel does a whole bunch of funky view switches as if I’m manipulating it directly with keyboard shortcuts. The letters ‘d’, ‘f’, ‘g’, ‘h’ and ‘j’, when pressed, all flip tabs in the right panel.

Is there an toggle in the Designer or on my keyboard to stop this behavior?
Thanks in advance!

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Neeeeeevermind. I realized I had to add div blocks and other types of content holding boxes for it to work. My bad. :slight_smile: