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Slider appearance issue

I’m trying to set a slider in my website.
The first slide is working well, but the second slide is not showing at all.
The second slide is duplicated from the first one and still, wont show anything on that slide.
Please help

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Just to let you know I have had a good look and I cant see why it doesnt work.
I created a new one underneath and that didnt work.
I removed all the layout and styling, that didnt work.
I will leave it for now, may come back.

thank you for trying to help!

Well I have had another jolly good bash at it and its got me stumped.
Do you have any custom code anywhere?

No. Not at all. Do you think it might be a bug…?

I have deleted every item on the page bar body, added a new slider and it still messed up.
So there is something corrupted that nothing seems to be able to get rid of bar building a new project.
Your images are super massive so I would also look at that.
So this is what i would do.
Create a new project.
Put a slider in there, 2 slides just a heading text in each one.
Test it works.
Then you can open on a seperate browser tab you old project and copy paste.
Although consider just starting again.
Let me know what you think.
PS slider works on my site no issue, I added one to try.

Sorry for the delay.
I guess I’ll have to start new project. Before I go this way, I asked for help from Webflow. Maybe they can save me some time…
Much appreciation for your help!

Update with what happens please

Sorry for the delay…
So, I contacted with the help center and the problem is that my site is right-to-left (Hebrew) so I set the slider to RTL too.
I changed the direction to LTR and now its works perfect!
Thanks for your time and will to help!!!

Where are those controls.
I did try the rtl on the text you had and that made no difference as I thought originally that was it.
And thanks for coming back.

This is how I did it, like the support sent it to me.

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