Canonical URL has Trailing Slash (but only on homepage)

Hi, I have a Webflow site and my Canonical for the homepage shows this:

But, it shouldn’t have that trailing slash. How do I resolve this?

I also have a reverse dns proxy and the main page of that proxied site is doing the same thing. But all other pages for Canonical have no trailing slash.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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What makes you think that your homepage canonical should not have a trailing slash?

Google Says The Trailing Slash Is An Implied Canonical.

Ok that’s fair. But, in this case I’m using a reverse dns proxy to make this page a sub-page, and I’d like to change the canonical in t his case. Any ideas?

If you’re changing the paths of specific pages through a reverse proxy configuration then Webflow’s auto-generated canonicals won’t work for you at all. You’ll want to build your own into your reverse proxy solution.

canonical tags are not mandatory and not important now if you don’t have different version of the page.
So you don’t need to add this tag.

Follow up:

I ended up disabling Webflow’s automatic Canonical support. Then, placing Canonical tags manually for each page. There’s probably a way to automate it in Cloudflare, but I don’t know how to do that and this was easier.