Cannot visually edit drop down in product options list


There is probably a simple solution to this but I am just not finding it :confused:

I have created a product page with an add to cart that has an some ‘options list’ drop down menus with the options for the specific product. I have edited the initial visuals of the drop downs however I cannot find the ‘open menu’ button that allows me to open the menu and edit the visuals of the rest of the drop down. With normal drop downs there is an ‘open menu’ button in the settings tab.

So it’s currently looking like this. How do I ‘open menu’ so I can edit what the drop down looks like?

It also appears differently on Mac vs Windows - I guess this is just a default? - See below for Windows



The best way to understand this behavior is to read the content at MDN

Shows how the display is unique to browsers and operating systems.

You can add some CUSTOM CODE to manipulate the styling, but I would recommend not to. Dropdowns are trigger open by the browser, not a menu in the designer.

If you are inclined to overwrite browser defaults for form widgets, this is a good resource.

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